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M.C. Too Tall

M.C. Too Tall 

M.C. Too Tall is literally the stuff legends are made of. He is a hardcore underground lyricist from the dark and gloomy Gravesend section of Brooklyn New York. Standing at a whopping six feet three inches his intimidating and ominous presence on stage has been looming over audiences for literally decades. Though having deep rooted Hip Hop origins, M.C. Too Tall has built up a massive Goth, Industrial and Punk Rock following making him a true messenger to the people.
He is a former member of the group, United Generation (1984-1996) and founding member of the music project, Puttin' Headz Out (1995-2000 and 2014-present). He has collaborated with some of the best underground musicians, lyracists and DJ's in hip hop, punk, R&B and industrial music. His music is spun in clubs and lounges all over New York City. He has performed at known hot spots as Rocky Sullivan's, Parkside Lounge, Freddy's, Three Jolly Pigeons, Otto's Shrunken Head, Southpaw, the Teneleven Bar and Full Moon Central (hot spots).
His other names include 40oz Krantz, Killa-killa-4-Reel, Master of Sound Quality and the Keeper of the Chalice. He has released six solo albums under a legitimate recording label of his own creation, Crowned Eagle Entertainment including  "Killa-Killa Outpost" (2010), "A Fiery Red Horse" (2011) and "New Logos and New Marketing Schemes" (2014). He is credited with bringing back the Puttin' Headz Out music project and released the first original recorded P.H.O. material since 1998 in the EP, "For The Streets" (2014). This should sum up who M.C. Too Tall really is and what the Master of Sound Quality is all about.
Stay strong and keep kickin' that slang. Peace.

"Yo. I'm M.C. Too Tall
M.C. Too Tall at Beefstock in Big Indian NY - Photo by Alan Rand

M.C. Too Tall.


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